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Students Digging to Learn (Web article I wrote for KNWA)


Students dug in today to learn at Holcomb Elementary.

The school hosted a garden day and all ages from 3rd grade to the college level came out to help.

The students built an additional garden bed to plant flowers and herbs that will attract pollinators and other helpful insects.

This effort is made through Food Corp, a non-profit organization that connects kids to real foods to grow up healthy.

Katie Maschino, a Food Corps Service Member for the Fayetteville area said, "Nutrition and health isn't ingrained in them anymore and it's important for them to learn why it's important to eat fruits and vegetables and for them to exercise and be healthy. What better way than to grow it themselves and learn how to cook it."

In fact the fruits and vegetables harvested from the garden are served up in the school cafeteria.

Every Thursday this summer the school community is welcome to come learn about the process and help grow the gardens.

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